Saturday, January 7, 2017

Better Days

Left Las Vegas. Moved back to AZ. Had a great job for two years, had my own home. My job ended and now I'm in Austin Texas. A new adventure. Doing the roommate thing again to help share expenses, and it's a best friend who doesn't mind my 3 cats... So, here I go again starting from scratch. But I'm not so tossed about by the waves of life anymore. I found a church I like. I'm a caregiver, usually Alzheimer's, sometimes cancer patients, but it's so much better than retail. I can still visit my friends in Vegas and my family in AZ and MI. Right now I have to get really focused on getting back on my feet again. Focused like Snape was. Yes, I actually said that. But hey, he's a very inspiring character. That's it for now.

Why I Trust

Wherever you lead me I know there's a reason..